Seller's Permit Cost for Every State

Updated: May 5

A sales tax permit (seller permit) is required for you to purchase wholesale products. The permit grants you an exemption from paying taxes on any wholesale products you purchase and intend to resell.

Find out the cost of a seller's tax permit in each state. If your state is not listed with an amount, lucky you - it's FREE!

The following states do not collect sales tax & do not require a seller's permit:

  • Alaska

  • Delaware

  • Montana

  • New Hampshire

  • Oregon

Arkansas - $50

Colorado - $16

Connecticut - $100

Florida - $5 paper. Free Online.

Hawaii - $20

Indiana - $25


Nevada - $15

Ohio - $25

Oklahoma - $25

Rhode Island - $10

South Carolina - $50

Washington - $19

Wisconsin - $20

Wyoming - $60

To get started, you can usually type in: "YOUR STATE" SELLER PERMIT into Google or visit: https://blog.taxjar.com/how-to-register-for-sales-tax-permits/ and click on your state.

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