How-To Style Products for Your Website & Photoshoot Inspiration (Video)

Updated: Apr 8

The way you style your products for your website and the theme of your photoshoot is marketing within itself. This is how you will show how a product can be worn, how it fits and how good you can look in it.

Styling Products for your Website

You will want to decide on your website's signature style. Do you want photos with a solid background? Will you have flat lay photos? Do you prefer lifestyle pictures, etc. The best boutiques have a good mix of solid background pics with a model, a photo with just the product and/or lifestyle photos. Lifestyle photos refer to photos at a location. It gives you a feel of what it would look like in the "real world".

Understandably, not all business owners have the capital to have a professional photoshoot, therefore, some vendors allow you to use their stock photos. This can work for a little while, but keep in mind, if you have access to the photos, so does the next business which can sometimes work against you.


Photoshoots do not have to be as costly as you thought. Businesses are having professional photoshoots on the rooftop of a parking garage using an iPhone X. You wouldn't know because the images are just as professional as a photoshoot with a licensed photographer.

You can literally have a photoshoot free at hundreds of places. Here is where creativity takes the wheel. A few ideas to shoot include:

  • rooftops (w/ a nice background is a plus)

  • sidewalks

  • against a neutral wall

  • in front of a backdrop

  • poolside, beach, pier

  • garden

  • hotel room

  • in front of a graffiti wall

  • your local Arts district (usually downtown)

  • at a fun place (ice cream parlor, skating rink, city landmark, etc.)

  • in front of a waterfall

  • bar/lounge

  • in front of a fireplace

  • etc.

As long as you hit them angles, your pictures will come out great. Also, if you need to remove a background and make it a solid color or want to add a background, you can use our favorite app: Remove.bg You can edit photos on the website or on-the-go with your phone. If you use Canva, you can remove the background directly on the site. You can not remove the background on the Canva mobile app. If you want to take your photoshoots to the next step, you can grab some of the below equipment from Amazon:

Save money by capturing your own product photos with a quality camera phone and hosting photoshoots with the tools above without ever needing a high-priced camera or photographer. However, if you have the capital and able to hire a photographer - go for it. You can find photographers on thumbtack.com and even rent spaces. A great place to rent in your local town is on peerspace.com

Need some inspo, check out this video of a lifestyle photoshoot (Starts at 2:28)

Here are even more inspo pics in our latest video:

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