How to Have a Low-Cost Editorial-Style Photoshoot

Updated: Apr 8

An editorial style photoshoot is a way to get across the essence of a brand without explicitly having to feature a logo within the shot. Add value to your products, attract magazines, fashion websites and quality traffic by taking your brand from basic to amazing with this type of shoot.

Editorial photos are great for:

  • Creating a lookbook

  • Creating banners, collection photos, etc. for your website

  • Social media content

  • Graphics for your blog and other places on your website

  • Graphics for packaging inserts

This type of photoshoot is a great way to show customers how your products can be styled and worn in the real world.

Back in the day you would need major bucks to have an editorial fashion shoot - not anymore. You can have your own shoot for little to $0 cost.

How to Have a Low-Cost, High Fashion Editorial Fashion Shoot

  • Choose a free location such as a rooftop, desert landscape, etc.

  • Find a model looking to build their portfolio, family member, friend, college student, self, etc.

  • Get inspo from editorial photoshoots, magazines, websites etc. and create a mood/vision board

  • Determine how many shots you want in each outfit

  • Observe times of day that will be best for shooting

  • Take photos with top quality smartphone or camera

  • Edit photos with Canva (free) or other apps

  • Use presets as needed

From there you can create a lookbook and PDF magazine for your customers. Use these photos for website Banners and add text.

Watch the video below to get inspired with 10 photoshoot locations to have an editorial photoshoot.

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