How-To Choose a Business Name for your eCommerce Business

How-To Choose a Business Name for your eCommerce Business online boutiqu

Your business name is extremely important and literally represents your entire brand in a nutshell. Think long and hard about a good name for your business because it is hard to change it once you're established legally and have made connections with customers.

Check out these free business name generators to get your brainstorming on.

A few recommended tips for choosing a business name:

  • Be sure your name defines who your brand is

  • Not too specific if you plan to grow

  • Holds value and can remain relevant as your brand grows 

  • Try Acronyms (First letter of each word in your business)

  • Try Foreign Words (Latin)

  • Use your own name (if going this route, you better have A1 customer service and quality)

  • Identifies what you sell if you plan to remain in the same lane (i.e. fashion nova)

  • Is catchy or memorable (i.e. nasty gal)

  • Choose a name that appeals not only to you, but also to the type of customers you're trying to attract

  • Determine if someone else has the name in your state, then anywhere. Search their traffic and reviews to determine how popular they are and if people will be able to differentiate their brand from yours

Brainstorm a few different business names, play around with them, say them out loud, etc. You can ask a family member or friend also, but note they may not have the same vision as you. Some advice is indeed constructive criticism and they may have a point, but there are times that you may have your heart set on something and they try to change your mind. Fight the thin line and make a decision that you won't be upset about in a year.

Once you decide on a top 3 or less, check and see which are available as a domain and social media handles. If taken consider another one of the names on your list or add keywords to the front or end such as: shop, online, the, etc.

Get a Free business name worksheet here

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