Basic Packaging Supplies You Need for Your Online Boutique

Whether you have had one customer or hundreds, branding and packaging are what is going to get people interested in your brand as well as keep your current customers returning back. A great impression will also start the word of mouth wheel, which is one of the best forms of free marketing. Below we have compiled a list of boutique branding and packaging supplies for your online boutique plus links to find each item at reasonable prices. *You may not need all of the items depending on what you sell.

  • Polymailers Plain

  • Polymailers Bubble/Padded

  • Custom polymailers

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Tape (Dollar Tree) and Packaging tape

  • Hanging Tags Gun (attaches tags to apparel and accessories in one click)

  • Scissors - 2 pack or from Dollar Tree

  • Ribbon or rope

  • Clear clothing bags

  • Free USPS mailers

  • Computer paper

  • Self-Adhesive Blank shipping labels (stop cutting out labels, print and peel)

  • Silica Gel Packs (for keeping shoes, purses, bags, etc. fresh and reduce moisture)

  • Hygienic Liners (for swimwear and lingerie)

  • Cardboard boxes (brown, white, etc.) - 

  • Jewelry boxes

  • Filler (for boxes) - airfillers, pink package peanut fillers

  • Postal Service scale

  • Printer

  • Shipping Label Printer

  • Postcards/Package Inserts

  • Fabric Steamer

  • Clothing Hanging Tags

  • Clothing Labels (sew or iron on)

  • Plain tissue paper or Custom tissue paper or No Issue

  • Custom Stickers - Get a $10 credit to Stickermule here

Take your packaging to the next level with custom packaging design for the low! Check out our CUSTOM PACKAGING VENDOR LIST here.

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