20+ Places to Leave Your Business Card/Flyers

There are several forms of advertising that can dramatically increase your traffic and sales. But trust me, there is so much opportunity out there to get your brand known as long as you are willing to put in the work.  Getting your brand in front of your target customer is where the $$ is and this person could be at your favorite nail salon.

Now ask yourself, where does my target customer hang out?

For example, 

  • You sell fitness apparel - leave flyers at the gym, wear your apparel, etc.

  • You sell children's clothes - ask to leave flyers at your child's daycare, sponsor a school event, etc. 

Those are just the tips of the iceberg. We have compiled a list of over 20+ places you could leave a business card or flyer. I recommend you come up with some type of agreement for the place of business or cut for specific discount code used. People love buying local and from someone they know! In many cases you can deliver the item yourself making it more personal and highly increase your chances of customers returning and telling a friend.

  1. At a cafe

  2. At a bar

  3. At a train station

  4. Inside the train

  5. Cars in parking lots (i.e. grocery stores, malls, movies, clubs)

  6. Beauty salon

  7. Nail salon

  8. Hair salon/Hairstylist

  9. Bus Stop

  10. Hotel Room

  11. Restaraunt

  12. Spa

  13. Networking event/Any Event

  14. Doctor/Dentist Waiting Room

  15. Public bathroom

  16. Gym

  17. Daycare

  18. School

  19. Taxi's/Uber/Lyft

  20. Library

  21. College campus

  22. Supermarket

  23. Trade shows

  24.  At the airport/airport lounges

  25. Public beach/park

  26. Newspaper stands

Have more ideas, drop them in the comments.

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