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You are a great business person and have everything you need for your online boutique. But growing your social media is kicking your butt. It's ok, I promise it's not the end of the world. We are going to fix that for you TODAY

In addition to spending time working on your boutique, building your website and getting quality wholesale vendors together, you have the added stress of growing your social media. It can be a daunting task and you can easily lose the motivation to post daily. When you lose motivation, you will lose potential customers and sales. Consistency is key and is pretty much the only way to build an Instagram page that pays. Although you may be motivated in the beginning, sometimes you simply just run out of ideas to trying to grow your audience AND keep your current audience engaged.

Posting product photo after product photo or sale after sale is not going to build your audience. It may keep some people interested, but most will begin to get over it if they only see sale post after sale post. You need to make your audience trust you and share your page with others. This is how you keep your current audience engaged and also GROW your audience daily. 


Keep in mind, 100,000 followers does not always mean a Instagram page is making money. This is why buying fake followers does not pay off. We want to grow your page organically with targeted followers that actually purchase and engage with your photos. 

You want followers go to your website and actually purchases products from your brand,  not just like your photos. There is an art to this and we have the magic formula. OUR MISSION is to turn followers into customers with strategic strategies that tap into a person's feelings and convinces them to purchase from you without being "salesy".

This is why the Social Boss Bundle was created. This bundle is curated specifically for boutique owners that want to target the right audience, grow their Instagram social media page and turn those followers into paying customers. 

Join our exclusive, growing community of boutique owners interested in growing their business on Instagram. Our mission is to increase your followers, build a loyal community and most importantly increase SALES!


 PREMADE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES - Get engaging, premade social media graphics and editable social media templates. Easily replace photos, fonts, text and brand colors as applicable. 
FILL-IN-THE-BLANK CLOTHING CAPTIONS - Get 100s of engaging, clothing captions ready to paste to your product posts on Instagram
 HASHTAGS - 600+ (and growing) fashion and boutique hashtags curated for online boutiques. Hashtags are categorized by type and are great for growing getting more likes and follows by targeting your audience.

 APP DIRECTORY - Get access to the best mobile apps around for creating content on-the-go that attracts new customers. Create videos, GIFs, repost user content, etc.

 INSTAGRAM GROWTH STRATEGY GUIDE - Get the latest tips and techniques for creating a powerful Instagram strategy that increases sales and builds a community. 

 PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Ask questions anytime and network with other members. We will be creating engagement groups that encourage members to follow each other and like posts. Also will include monthly challenges to keep you motivated.

 MONTHLY SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CALENDAR - Get a hashtag holiday calendar to keep up with the many holidays celebrated on social media. Easy way to post engaging pics not related to sales in between product posts.

 CONTINUED EDUCATION - Get the latest tips and techniques on an ongoing basis via the Social Boss Club Newsletter. Also get helpful worksheets, templates and access to videos that are targeted for growing paying followers.

I understand as a small business owner or startup, your marketing budget may not be as huge as brands such as Fashion Nova or Pretty Little Thing. Therefore, this bundle is extremely affordable and gives you back hours of time you would have had to spend on social media without knocking a huge dent in your pockets. Instead of paying hundreds to thousands a month to grow your business on the Gram with a social media manager.  

Now that you will be more consistent with posting to social media, it will be much easier to double your sales and traffic. Your results are guaranteed 💯.

Your entire social media strategy is pretty much mapped out for you by a social media expert and all you have to do is copy-paste-post in most cases. Get back tons of time and make your social media marketing so much easier for you or an employee to post everyday. Remember, consistent posting is how that pesky Instagram algorithm works in your favor.