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Each resource in the library is catered specifically to boutiqueowners and are guaranteed to make your life a LOT easier along your journey. 

This resource library is for: 

  • New boutiqueowners
  • Current boutiqueowners
  • Women looking to start a new venture and make extra money on the side
  • Stay-at-home moms looking to easily start a boutique business from scratch

Our FAQs section answers many of the questions you may come across while growing your business. No longer worry about looking all over the web for resources  or blindly stepping into a new business and getting discouraged. 


Just a few of the resources found in the library include:

  • Vendor Lists (over 300 in over 10 categories) 
  • Wholesale Vendor/Expense Tracker
  • 3 E-books (How-To Start a Profitable Online Boutique, How-To Establish Business Credit, How-To Start a Kids Boutique)
  • Product Description Cheat Sheet (150+ copy/paste descriptions)
  • Business Branding Checklist 
  • Website Checklist 
  • Direct Links to Registering your Business 
  • Flawless Launch Actionable Checklist
  • Wholesale Buyer Tips, Strategies and Scripts
  • Model contracts & intake forms
  • 20+ How-To Videos 
  • SEO strategies to boost web traffic/sales
  • How-To Guides and Ebooks (i.e. obtaining funding, pricing products, photoshoot tips, website setup, marketing)
  • Miscellaneous resources
  • And much more

So what are you waiting for??

The investment you make today is guaranteed to make your business journey a breeze. Start maximizing your profits and spend less on start up costs with our Boutique Resource Library.