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Get to know the bossbook.

The bossbook. is a Facebook-like community for boutique owners looking to gain knowledge, connect with others, exchange ideas and help others increase their engagement on social media.

There are two groups in the bossbook. You can join 1 or both.

  • Community Wall - this is where you can write posts, start conversations, upload photos/videos, like comments, etc. Network with other boutique owners, find out who is near you, get advice from established boutiqueowners and/or give advice from previous experiences.

  • Social Media Engagment Group - this is all about networking for social media. Connect with other boutique owners and exchange social media information. You can start following each other, liking posts and/or commenting on recent photos/videos. Get your follower count up and boost your engagement to be seen more on feeds, explore pages, etc. 

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Social Media Growth

This month we will be discussing social media and how-to really grow your page to increase more sales. Social media is the best way to get the word out there about your business and connect with millions of people all over the worlds. If you can get a celebrity or influencer to cosign your brand, then you will really see your social media following and engagement grow. 

Compared to 10 years ago, it is a bit harder to blow your business up overnight with Instagram's everchanging, most hated algorithm. Your photos only get shown to a handful of your friends and you better hope they like or comment on it to get it shown to more people within about 15 minutes. 

The #1 way to take advantage of social media is to be consistent. Consistency is what will take you far, along with A1 content. Think outside the box and plan strategically when it comes to posting. You want to target the audience that you are selling to - so you want to speak their lingo, keep up with current events/lingo and ask questions that encourage a response to start growing your audience.

Social Media Marketing Videos

Check out the below videos to get more tips for growing your business on Instagram and increasing sales.


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