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Do you want to grow your Facebook page?

With the constantly changing algorithms, it can be hard to get your page to where you want it to be quickly. You will need to create a plan and determine if Facebook is where your potential audience hangs out, or do they tend to be on Instagram only, You have to test the waters and could be surprised if Facebook has more potential customer.


Facebook does offer ads, which work great when you have a good strategy put in place. However, there are many things you can do free that can help get more likes. Follow along this page to get tips to help you grow your Facebook for free and tips for using Facebook Ads. 

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20+ Facebook Tips & Strategies

Facebook is a great place to grow your business. Facebook comes #2 in most cases compared to Instagram when it comes to growing a business, but you would be surprised how many people find out their customer base is actually on Facebook vs. Instagram. In fact, it works very similar to Instagram with posting and hashtags, but you are able to do a bit more. Check out some tips for growing your Instagram page.

  1. Add a Facebook Button to your website storefront - Link to Facebook Page

  2. Allow customers to share your product photos

  3. Promote your business page on your personal Facebook page - share posts directly from Facebook page to your personal page

  4. Invite friends and customers - email customers and let them know that you offer special deals on your Facebook page

  5. Share reviews to your page

  6. Use hashtags - just like you would on Instagram

  7. Include a link in your post caption to your website

  8. Schedule posts with Facebook's scheduler

  9. post relevant memes, videos, new arrivals and recent news

  10. Ask questions - share to your personal page

  11. Share coupons and promotions 

  12. Use keywords in Facebook page posts

  13. Use consistent branding from your website to your page

  14. Create a custom Facebook link that matches your business name

  15. Join a few groups relevant to your business - where you may find tips, connect with others, etc.

  16. Be consistent and active. Post daily to keep up engagement

  17. Ask for reviews/feedback directly on your Facebook Page

  18. Create a Facebook store

  19. Detailed profile page  - fill-in as much information as detailed as possible

  20. Run a contest or giveaway

  21. Share photos directly from Instagram to your Facebook

  22. Hide content that can only be seen if you like the page

  23. Reward fans with special offer deal when they like your page

  24. Encourage sharing - ask users to share your content for an incentive or encourage to share your page, etc.