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Instagram is one of the best ways to grow your social media for your business. The main key to growing a successful business with "da gram" is to be consistent. You must be active and post everyday. There is a formula for getting the best engagement that increases your followers and potential sales. Read below to check out our favorite tips and strategies that will help you grow your Instagram quickly.

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Why Schedule Instagram Posts?

You will be surprised how much time you get back by scheduling your Instagram posts. Never miss a day or forget to post again. Gather and create posts on a Sunday and schedule 2 or 3 posts per day. You can always post additional feed posts the normal way, like special sales.

What Tools to Use for Scheduling Instagram Posts/Stories


Planoly - allows you to preplan posts and arrange them on the same grid as Instagram. This will help you create a brand aesthetic and get an idea of what your feed will look like.

Tailwind for Instagram​​​​ -This app is similar to the Planoly app and gets the job done as well. Unlike Planoly, Tailwind will suggest the best times for you to post based on your engagement.

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35+ Instagram Tips & Strategies

1. SWITCH TO A BUSINESS ACCOUNT This is essential if you want to take advantage of analytics, easy contact and promoted posts.

2. DO A RESEARCH ON YOUR AUDIENCE AND INFLUENCERS This is essential! It’s the foundation for everything on Instagram.

3. ADD KEYWORDS TO YOUR INSTAGRAM HEADLINE Use keyword along with your name in the headline.

4. ADD KEYWORDS TO YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE Instagram handle and headline are the only ways a user can search you. Use these wisely.

5. WRITE AN EPIC BIO Click here on more detailed instructions on how to write an epic bio.

6. ADD A CALL-TO-ACTION TO YOUR INSTAGRAM BIO Drive people to your website with a compelling call-to-action.

7. KEEP YOUR INSTAGRAM URL SHORT AND DESCRIPTIVE If your website URL does not fulfill this, use and then personalize this.

8. UPLOAD A GREAT PROFILE PHOTO You want a high-resolution, bright photo of a person. Avoid logos.

9. DO HASHTAG RESEARCH This is important, and will take time. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll be easier.

10. USE A MIX OF BIG AND SMALL HASHTAGS Click here on more detailed instructions on how to do this.

11. ADD HASHTAGS TO YOUR POSTS Use all 30 hashtags and hide them in the comment section.

12. ADD HASHTAGS TO YOUR STORIES Make sure each of your stories have at least one hashtag.

13. USE A VISUAL INSTAGRAM THEME TO GAIN MORE FOLLOWERS Read this for more detailed instructions on how to create a beautiful Instagram theme.

14. ALIGN POSTS WITH YOUR BRAND PERSONALITY This is important to keep your brand personality consistent everywhere.

15. UPLOAD AT LEAST 9 POSTS IF IT’S A COMPLETE NEW ACCOUNT Upload all 9 at once before you start gaining the strategies for gaining new followers. It should be a no-brainer for your new visitors to follow you. 4

16. CONVERT A NICE TIP INTO A SHORT VIDEO POST Do you have a nice tip to share? Why not create a short video for it? Videos have more convertibility.

17. KEEP YOUR CONTENT 80:20 OR 50:50 Post 80% helpful content and 20% promotions (applies to service providers or bloggers). Store owners and managers can keep it 50:50.

18. FOLLOW INFLUENCERS IN YOUR NICHE Follow people who have a large audience of your ideal customer.

19. FOLLOW INFLUENCER’S FOLLOWERS Follow people who are following the top influencers in your niche.

20. POST AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY This is recommended especially when you are starting out.

21. POST CONSISTENTLY Use a tool like Preview to pin consistently.

22. COLLECT USER-GENERATED CONTENT Provide a hashtag to all your followers that they can use it they want their content to be published by you.

23. POST USER-GENERATED CONTENT When you don’t feel like posting anything these come in handy.

24. ONLY POST HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Even if you are posting user-generated content, make sure it is high-quality. Instagram is a visual platform.

25. POST AT A HIGHLY ENGAGING TIME This can help you make your post go viral. Read this to learn more about going viral.

26. WRITE CAPTIONS THAT ENCOURAGES YOUR FOLLOWERS TO ENGAGE A good photo with bad caption doesn’t work for beginners. Make sure you write a good caption. Read this for detailed instructions on how to write a good caption.

27. INCLUDE A CALL-TO-ACTION (CTA) IN YOUR POST CAPTIONS If you don’t ask for it, your followers are likely not gonna do that on their own. So ask for it.

28. ASK QUESTIONS TO BRING ENGAGEMENT Read this for detailed instructions on which type questions work best for a good engagement. 5

29. RESPOND TO COMMENTS STRATEGICALLY Learn the art of commenting. This is important to build good relationships on Instagram.

30. JOIN ENGAGEMENT PODS Engagement pods help boost your engagement after you post anything. Join a few of them.

31. BUILD RELATIONS Instagram is not a marketing place, it’s a social media. So start making friends on Instagram (who turn into good fans later).

32. COLLABORATE Collaboration gives you new followers. Collaborate with few influencers to gain good exposure.

33. RUN A GIVEAWAY Giveaway gives you new followers. If you provide a service or product that you can give away, take that as an opportunity.

34. USE INSTAGRAM ANALYTICS STRATEGICALLY Use the Analytics to find what works for your audience. Read this to understand this strategy in detail to gain maximum follower’s engagement.

35. OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE Most Instagram activity occurs on a mobile device.

36. ENCOURAGE YOUR AUDIENCE TO FOLLOW YOU ON INSTAGRAM Ask your email subscribers, blog readers, and social media followers.

37. USE IGTV VIDEOS FOR MORE DISCOVERABILITY IGTV Use it to your advantage. People love to hear from those who they follow and love videos.

37. USE IG REELS FOR MORE DISCOVERABILITY. This is new and becoming more and more popular by the day. Post a quick short video that will capture your audience attention