Top 10 Best AliExpress Clothes Vendors 2022 (Updated)

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After searching high and low, we have compiled a list of highly recommended clothing vendors on AliExpress offering the best prices on trendy products. This is perfect for you if you don't yet have a seller's permit.

If you are starting an online boutique business, this is a huge jumpstart to your brand's inventory because of the low costs and no MOQ (minimum order quantity). In several cases, you can get unique products that aren't seen in other boutiques because of how many different sellers there are.

There are thousands of sellers on AliExpress, here are a few we cherry picked just for you. If you need more trendy styles and options, grab our full Aliexpress Vendor List for only $19. 

    Check out our top 10 wholesale vendors on AliExpress for clothes

    *Bonus Jewelry Vendor: Ingesight - 

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    Want more tips for choosing a fashion vendor for your business? Get tons of tips in our any of of our wholesale vendor lists. Full of goodies to get you from A to Z in your business.

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