How-To Choose a Good Business Name (You Won't Hate Next Year)

how to pick out a good business name for your online boutique online store

Have you started searching for business names and it seems like every name you thought of is taken? This is a very tricky part of the business that shouldn't be rushed. There are several things to take into consideration before making your final decision on a name.

Check out a few of our tips for finding a unique business name. Cross your t's and dot your i's prior to making your final decision on purchasing a domain so you will not be sorry later. Do not limit yourself and take your time choosing THE ONE. Think of what your future business will look like in 2 years or 5 years.

The Brainstorm

  • Be sure your name defines who your brand is
  • Holds value and can remain relevant as your brand grows (i.e Nike)
  • Try Acronyms (First letter of each word in your business)
  • Try Foreign Words (latin)
  • Use your own name 
  • Identifies what you sell (i.e. fashion nova)
  • Is catchy or memorable (i.e. nasty gal)
  • Choose a name that appeals not only to you, but also to the type of customers you're trying to attract.
  • To get customers to respond to your business on an emotional level, choose a comforting or familiar name that may conjures up pleasant memories. (i.e.
  • Try not to pick a name that's long or confusing (social media usernames can be limited characters)
  • Don't use the word "Inc." after your name unless your company is actually incorporated.
  • Try alternate spellings or remove letters from popular words
  • Make sure you can trademark the name here if interested
  • Avoid hard to spell names
  • Use thesaurus
  • Try to avoid hyphens in domain names
  • Be sure the .com domain is available. This is the preferred suffix and best for SEO
Important Tip: If you set up a corporation or LLC, you may be required to place a business name identifier such as “corp.,” “inc.” or “LLC” after your name. Your state may also have a list of names that you’re not allowed to use. For example, you’re not ordinarily allowed to use the word “bank” unless you’re a financial institution. - Legal Zoom

    Once you have thought of a bunch of different words, use to enter the keywords you come up with and the generator will spit out a combination of a potential domain in any random order with the words you used. This tool is so cool!

    It could take hours, days or weeks to come up with the perfect name for your brand. Don't let that stop you from being productive. As you begin figuring out who you want your target customer to be and the type of clothing you will sell, a great name will eventually come to you.

    Once you successfully determine a name (or a few names) you believe have the potential of being THE ONE, ask yourself these final questions:

    • Is it too many words?
    • Will customers know what services I'm offering or selling?
    • Am I happy with the name? (You will have to live with it a long time)
    • Does it make sense?
    • Is the name too specific and will limit my business?
    • Does the name sound good over the phone?

    Search for Domain Availablity

    Once you settle on a few different names, test out your intended domain in our search below. 

    Once you find a suitable domain, time to test it out in search engines and social media platforms. Search the web as if you were a visitor looking for your domain. See how many businesses have a similar business name to yours and what competition, if any, pops up. This will let you know if you should adjust your name or not.

    Search the web as if you were a visitor looking for your domain. See how many businesses have a similar business name to yours and what competition, if any, pops up. Next, check the "social media big three" for your company name availability as well. They go quick! You will be surprised how many pages are taken and have only 1 post or less.

    We recommend you check the big three: 

    The point is to match your social media handles to your business name exactly if possible. However, this is ultimately your choice. Some business prefer to use their brand's tribe or slogan as a social media handle vs their brand.

    For Example, Christian Louboutin uses Louboutinworld as a social media handle. This is a great alternate if you have a rather long business name and need a shorter name to fit withing in the handle limits.

    Once you have chosen your business name, you have officially made a significant step towards launching your new business and branding your new business venture.
    If you are interested in trademarking your business ->

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