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Free Eyelash Vendors False Eyelashes Wholesale Suppliers

Starting an eyelash business can be a very lucrative side business or main business for a stay-at-home mom. Just check out the below stats:

These stats show that it is NOT too late to get started and make money in this industry. With the right quality, packaging and marketing, you too can start your very own lash extension business today. 

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If you're just getting started, check out a few FREE eyelash vendors to get you started (scroll to the bottom of page to view). We recommend you take a look at the following criteria when researching each brand: 

  • Minimum order qty
  • Material (i.e. mink, synthetic, human, etc.)
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Is custom packaging/private label available?

There are tons of vendors out there Online Boutique Center offers a great Lash Boss Bundle that consists of our Eyelash Vendor List, which carries several top quality eyelash vendors that have the main criteria broken down for each already for you. Each vendor includes a link to their website, contact info, minimum quantity, pricing (if available). In addition to getting a vendor list get the best lash packaging vendors and our lash Boss Checklist

 Free Lash Vendors


Hey I am looking to start my lash business and was wondering if you are a free lash vendor if not how much are you charging


Hello im just starting out an i need a list of lash vendors can u plz help

Kimberly Graham

Hi, me and my twin are trying to start a company for money, we’re wondering if your eyelash vendors are free?

Mariona Thomas

Hey I was wondering if you was a free Vendor

Robin Morris

Hey i’m trying to start my own lash business, and I’m looking for a good vendor with a low cost.


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