5 Free Baby and Kids Wholesale Vendors

5 Free Baby and Kids Wholesale clothing vendors for children online boutique

Are you launching a online kids boutique? 

Are you searching for quality, online children wholesale companies?

Are you tired of searching for wholesale vendors for kids clothes?

"Where can I get quality kids wholesale clothing for my boutique?"

This is one of the top questions I get in my email.

To solve this problem I created a list of reputable wholesale vendors for kids and it consists of 40+ fashion vendors and bonus add-ons! Skip the time-consuming search and use our list of kids clothing vendors to help you stock quality inventory. Find the the same or similar fashion/accessories for kids that you see everyday with with many online children's boutiques and department stores.

Our list consists of styles: 

  • wholesale children jackets
  • wholesale kids rompers
  • kids party dresses
  • wholesale infant dresses
  • children tops, jeans, jackets, etc.
  • wholesale baby pajamas
  • girls tops and bottoms
  • boys tops and bottoms
  • baby boy clothes wholesale
  • baby girl clothes wholesale
  • wholesale girls formal dresses
  • and much more

Grab the List for only $39.00 Here

If you need help starting a children's boutique, we also offer a great e-book dedicated to launching your very own kids store for only $19.00 below.



Five Free Clothing Vendors for Children (Kids). 

What type of clothing for boys, girls (or both) are you looking to add to your online store?


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